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Bailer DR 20 super-concentrated degreaser for floors kg 6
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Model: 55015
Bailer DR 20 super-concentrated degreaser for floors kg 6Concentrated degreasing detergent for floors in kitchens, food laboratories, dairy industries, ice cream parlors and all activities having to do with greasy dirt. It is suitable for any type of microporous floor: stoneware, klinker and concret..
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Model: DS78
Bailer DS 78 descaler for dishwashers and pipes 5 kgIt is a descaler for dishwashers and pipes. Quickly removes limescale deposits. Does not damage dishwasher parts. Highly concentrated product.USE AND DOSAGEDilute in water: 70 ml in 1 liter of water. Piping: prepare the solution and circulate it in..
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Model: EMULP5
Klinfor Emulsion Dishes Liquid Detergent 5 KGSanitizing liquid detergent for manual washing of dishes.The high concentration ensures an excellent result even after numerous washes, solving any type of problem of dirt or bad smells...
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Model: CFSAN
Cf Sanex Klinfor is a no-rinse multipurpose degreaser ideal for various surfaces.You can use it on various surfaces such as steel, glass, plastic and aluminum.It is a professional sanitizing product, with an alcoholic component that favors immediate evaporation. This allows you, for example, to plac..
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