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Covid Protection

Model: 1342
Saniclor Bailer multi-purpose sanitizer based on active chlorine 750 ml packLiquid product based on active chlorine.Multi-purpose sanitizer for all surfaces that need to be sanitized with sodium hypochlorite solutions. Contains 0.5% sodium hypochlorite...
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Brand: No Brand Model: 1325
Sanitizing column in communication sp 19 mmsize cm 30x150..
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Brand: No Brand Model: 1327
The sanitizing column is made of powder-coated metal, also suitable for outdoor exposure.The dispenser shelf is in plexiglass.Dimensions:- column 150x20cm..
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Brand: No Brand Model: 1212
Tayform disinfectant spray 750 mldisinfectant detergent deodorant Medical Surgical Unit N ° 8071 of the Ministry of Health. Bergamot fragrance.APPLICATIONS:TAYFORM performs an effective disinfectant and deodorant action ensuring a deep cleaning of all washable surfaces, leaving them smooth and shiny..
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