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Shower Shampoo Bottle Prija - ml 40x240 pcs

Shower Shampoo Bottle Prija - ml 40x240 pcs
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Shower Shampoo Bottle Prija - ml 40x240 pcs
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Pieces for cardboard 240

Shower Shampoo Bottle Prija

Shower Shampoo in revitalizing bottle with ginseng GFL Prija line. Pack of 240 bottles of 40ml Precious components, exotic fragrances: Prija is a warm and earthy courtesy line, produced in compliance with very high quality standards and aimed at customers attentive to cosmetic quality and the design of items in the courtesy sector. A courtesy line suitable for 4-5 star hotels. Prija cleansers and creams are characterized by the presence of plant extracts belonging to western and eastern botanical regions, which release their natural beneficial properties, by a composition designed to be hypoallergenic, and by particular perfumes, having gently aromatherapy properties. These include Ginseng, Eruca, Macadamia Nut, Centella asiatica, Green Walnut and Lotus.

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