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Tayform disinfectant spray 750 ml

Tayform disinfectant spray 750 ml
Tayform disinfectant spray 750 ml
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Tayform disinfectant spray 750 ml

disinfectant detergent deodorant Medical Surgical Unit N ° 8071 of the Ministry of Health. Bergamot fragrance.


TAYFORM performs an effective disinfectant and deodorant action ensuring a deep cleaning of all washable surfaces, leaving them smooth and shiny.

It fights the development of germs avoiding the causes of infections and leaves a clean scent throughout the house. It is particularly suitable in all domestic environments and in collective life.

Used in the spray version, it is easy to use on all surfaces in contact with people and children.

Recommended for use in the house where pets also stay.

Compatible with all washable hard surfaces, it is subject to ministerial authorization and does not contain active ingredients banned by the FDA.

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