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These general conditions of online sale govern the contract for the sale of the products offered by GIPACK SRLl - through its website, to users of the site. These general conditions of sale are understood to refer to customers who qualify as "consumers "pursuant to art. 3, co. 1, lett. a), of Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, n. 206, that is, "natural persons acting for purposes unrelated to and not the entrepreneurial or professional activity possibly carried out".
All information contained on the site is in Italian and English.

The customer declares to have read all the above information and general conditions of sale before placing the order.

The customer also declares to have the legal capacity to undertake in accordance with the provisions of these general conditions.

1) - Object
These general conditions of sale have as their object the definition of the rights and obligations of the parties in the context of a distance sale of goods offered in the online shop

2) - Territory and coverage of the offer
The following general conditions of sale refer to sales made to consumers from any country in the world.

3) - Contractual documents
This contract consists of the following documents:
• these general conditions of sale
• the order confirmation
The photographs illustrating the products on the site do not fall within the contractual field and are shown for descriptive purposes only.
• all the images on the website / / are our property, they do not differ from reality, in some cases the color may change but does not differ from the veracity of the product .

4) - Receipt of order
Any order confirmation signed by the validation click constitutes an irrevocable commitment of the customer that can be called into question only in the cases provided for by this contract in the articles "Right of withdrawal" and "Execution of the order".

5) - Order acceptance
The conclusion of the contract will take place only upon confirmation of the order by GIAPACK S.R.L.
The customer will receive by e-mail (email) a notification of receipt showing the order confirmation with all the constituent elements of the contract (including products ordered, prices, delivery dates, shipping costs).
GIAPACK S.R.L. reserves the right not to confirm an order for any reason relating in particular to a problem of product supply, or to a problem concerning the order received.
GIAPACK S.R.L. cannot be held responsible for errors in delivery due to inaccuracies or incompleteness in the completion of the purchase order by the customer.
GIAPACK S.R.L. Furthermore, it cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur to the products after delivery to the carrier responsible for their transport as well as for delays in delivery attributable to the latter.

6) - Availability of products
The offers contained on this site will be valid as long as the products listed remain online and while stocks last.
GIAPACK S.R.L. also reserves the right to notify the customer, within 20 days of purchase, at the email address associated with his profile, of any unavailability of one or more of the products purchased. In case of purchase of a product that is no longer available, GIAPACK S.R.L. will refund (on the payment card or on the PayPal account indicated by the same for the purchase or by bank transfer whose details are intended to be communicated after registration) of the price and shipping costs incurred by the customer. The unavailability of one or more of the products ordered will not however give the customer the right to cancel the entire order.

7) - Prices - Invoice
Prices are expressed in Euros and include VAT at 22% and 5% (COVID-19).
The guaranteed price to the buyer is the one published on the site at the time of purchase.
Product prices are final. They do not include any delivery costs, which will be indicated in the order confirmation.

8) - Payment
The customer who intends to purchase the products must express this will through a request made directly on the site, in the specifically dedicated section, where, following the procedures indicated therein, he will send his purchase order and make the payment.
Payment of the consideration is due from the time of the order. The customer undertakes to pay the agreed price for the product ordered on the site (price of the products and transport) using the available payment methods.
The customer guarantees GIAPACK S.R.L. to have the necessary authorizations to use the payment instrument indicated in the order phase. In case of non-receipt by GIAPACK S.R.L. of the payment, GIAPACK S.R.L. reserves the right to cancel the order. In the case of payment by credit card, GIAPACK S.R.L. reserves the right to request the sending, within 24 hours, of a copy of the identity document proving the actual ownership of the credit card used, it being understood that, in the absence of the requested sending, GIAPACK S.R.L. may refuse payment and cancel the order.

9) - Transfer of risks
The transfer of risks to the customer takes place upon delivery of the products to the carrier by GIAPACK S.R.L .. In the withdrawal period referred to in Article 13, the customer is responsible for the object as custodian. In case of damage or destruction of the product during the custody of the customer, the latter will suffer all the consequences.

10) - Execution of the order
The order will be executed within the terms specified on the Site and upon acceptance of the order by GIAPACK S.R.L. and in any case within 30 days following the confirmation of the order subject to the availability of the ordered product and unless specifically agreed between the parties.
In case of stock out of stock or unavailability of the ordered product, GIAPACK S.R.L. undertakes to inform the customer as soon as possible and to specify a possible term for renewed availability.
See Article 6 regarding the availability of products.

11) - Delivery
The geographical area of ​​delivery corresponds to the geographical area covered by the offer.
The products are delivered to the address indicated by the customer.
Delivery is to the street level or to the floor if the courier used provides for the service.
The details will be specified by email upon shipment of the order.
GIAPACK S.R.L., without prejudice to the provisions of art. 6, undertakes to deliver the products to the address communicated by the customer in the purchase order, through the carrier responsible for transporting them.
GIAPACK S.R.L. cannot be held responsible for errors in delivery due to inaccuracies or incompleteness in the completion of the purchase order by the customer.
GIAPACK S.R.L. Furthermore, it cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur to the products after delivery to the carrier responsible for transporting them as well as for delays in delivery attributable to the latter.
Delivery is made by couriers selected by GIAPACK S.R.L. from Monday to Friday.
The delivery document issued by the carrier, dated and signed by the customer upon delivery of the product, will constitute proof of transport and release of the goods.
Upon delivery, the customer must check the content, conformity and status of the product or products.
In the event of delays, failures, total or partial losses or other problems, the customer has the right to appeal to the carrier without the responsibility of GIAPACK S.R.L. is ever taken into consideration.
Therefore, upon delivery, GIAPACK S.R.L. recommends the customer to check the status of the products delivered before signing the receipt document.
If anomalies are found, the customer must refuse delivery of the products or put in writing their reservations, detailed and dated.
These reservations must be confirmed to GIAPACK S.R.L. within 3 working days following the delivery of the products in the manner indicated on the Returns & Withdrawals page of the site.

12) - Collection of products in case of absence of the customer.

In case of absence of the recipient during delivery, the carrier will leave a notice of passage to the delivery address indicated by the customer. In case of absence of the recipient even on the second delivery attempt, the products must be collected at the address and in the manner indicated by the carrier. In case of failure to collect within the deadline set by the carrier, the products will be returned to GIAPACK S.R.L. who reserves the right to refund the price of the products, leaving the shipping costs to be paid by the customer.

13) - Right of withdrawal.
The customer has the right to withdraw from the Contract, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, starting from the receipt of the order confirmation sent by GIAPACK S.R.L. no later than 14 working days from receipt of the product at the address indicated for delivery.
Full proof of receipt is the date shown on the delivery note.
The customer can exercise the right of withdrawal by expressing his will to the e-mail address
If the product has already been delivered, the customer is required to return it to GIAPACK S.R.L. .
To that end:
- the deadline for returning the product is fourteen working days and holidays from receipt of the same; the date shown on the delivery document is full proof. For the purposes of the deadline, the product is considered to be returned when it is delivered to the accepting post office.
- if there has been delivery of the product, the substantial integrity of the product to be returned is an essential condition for exercising the right of withdrawal, the customer must ship the product properly packaged and packaged; GIAPACK S.R.L. does not accept damaged returns, but kept in a normal state of conservation, kept with the use of normal diligence. Products damaged by detergents / additives, or products damaged by the customer due to inexperience will not be replaced or refunded. The customer must insert a copy of the delivery document received inside the packaging box. The risks of transport for the return of the products are fully borne by the customer.
- The costs of returning the goods to GIAPACK S.R.L. are the responsibility of the customer. If the customer exercises the right of withdrawal in accordance with the provisions of these conditions of sale, GIAPACK S.R.L. will reimburse the sums paid by the customer to the credit card or Pay Pal account or through the bank details communicated by the same. The refund will be made free of charge, within thirty days from receipt of the goods in the warehouse.
As foreseen by the legislative decree 6/9/2005 n. 206 and article 55 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal governed by these conditions of sale does not apply to goods made to measure or clearly personalized or which, by their nature, cannot be returned or are liable to deteriorate or alter quickly.

14) -Use of the site.
The product descriptions and images on the site correspond to what is made available by GIAPACK SRL suppliers. The photographs and video presentation of the products accompanying the descriptive information are published on the site for descriptive purposes, taking into account that the image quality, including an exact display of color variants, may depend on software and IT tools used by the customer when connecting to the site. GIAPACK S.R.L. assumes no responsibility for problems caused to the customer by the use of the site and the technologies used as they are not dependent on their own will.

15) - Intellectual and industrial property rights.
GIAPACK S.R.L. informs that the site, as well as all trademarks and distinctive signs used in connection with the sale of the products offered, are protected by the applicable intellectual and industrial property rights and that any type of reproduction, communication, distribution, publication, alteration or transformation, in any form and for any purpose they take place. GIAPACK S.R.L. reserves the right to act legally to protect these aspects. GIAPACK S.R.L. assumes no responsibility for the brands and other distinctive signs that appear on the products marketed by it on the site, with respect to which the customer does not acquire any rights following the conclusion of the Contract.

16) - Protezione dei dati personali
GIAPACK S.R.L. è titolare dei dati personali raccolti al momento della registrazione al sito, nonché di quelli successivamente comunicati al momento dell'acquisto da parte del cliente, eccezion fatta per i dati relativi alla procedura di pagamento per i quali si rimanda agli istituti bancari attraverso i quali avviene la transazione. Per le informative relative al trattamento dei dati personali, ivi inclusi i diritti di cui all'art. 7 del D. lgs. 196/03, si rinvia all'informativa dettagliata già fornita al momento della registrazione al Sito.

17) - Firma elettronica
Il “click di convalida” costituisce una firma elettronica. Questa firma elettronica ha tra le parti lo stesso valore di una firma manoscritta.

18) - Integralità del contratto
Le presenti condizioni generali di vendita costituiscono l'integralità degli obblighi delle parti. Nessun'altra condizione generale o particolare comunicata dal cliente potrà inserirsi o esulare dalle presenti condizioni generali.

19) - Nullità
Qualora una o più disposizioni delle presenti condizioni generali fosse considerata non valida o dichiarata tale in applicazione di una legge, normativa o a seguito di una decisione definitiva presa da una giurisdizione competente, le altre disposizioni conserveranno tutta la loro forza e il loro valore.

20) - Comunicazioni
Per qualsiasi comunicazione è possibile contattare GIAPACK S.R.L.
ai seguenti recapiti:
Via Giuseppe Lazzati 11
70032 Bitonto (BA)

Tel: (+39) 080 37 46 623

21) - Applicable law
The sales contract between the Customer and GIAPACK S.R.L. is understood to be concluded in Italy and governed by Italian law. We reserve the right of legislative applicability also for European and Non-European third countries.
We reserve the right to update GTC - General terms and conditions of sale (General Administrative Conditions) at any time without the obligation to notify. It is the customer's responsibility to read our regulations.

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