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Paper - Kitchen Towel

Model: 2085
Paper roll Alicia House pure cellulose pack 2 rollsMade of pure cellulose wadding, double embossed, 2 plies coupled with micro-gluing, product made 100% in Italy...
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Model: ROTSABRY800
Paper roll Sabry Active 800 pure cellulose pack 2 rollsRoll diameter 26 cm Roll height 23.6 Tear measure 25 cm 2 Ply 800 Tears...
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Brand: No Brand Model: 1651
Z-Folded towels 150 pcsThe Z-folded paper towels in pure cellulose wadding are the ideal choice for those who need the maximum hygiene that this disposable product guarantees;They are commonly used in special dispensers in public places, such as toilets in bars, offices, restaurants, etc. but they c..
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